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About the Indigenous Tourism Careers Website

Welcome to DiscoverIndigenousTourism.ca, we are dedicated to connecting passionate job seekers and employers within the vibrant and culturally rich Indigenous tourism industry in Canada. One of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Explore our website to discover an array of job listings and a wide network of employers who are deeply committed to providing a wide range of Indigenous-owned offerings like accommodation, transportation, Indigenous-led activities and much more. We invite you to join our community of passionate individuals who are dedicated to preserving Indigenous cultures, fostering economic growth, and creating unforgettable experiences for visitors.

About the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) focuses on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments and industry leaders from across Canada to support the growth of Indigenous tourism in Canada and address the demand for development and marketing of authentic Indigenous experiences.

Learn more – https://indigenoustourism.ca/about-itac/

About Destination Indigenous

Launched in 2020, Destination Indigenous markets the best Indigenous tourism experiences from coast to coast to coast. Featuring Indigenous tours, activities and communities in Canada welcome visitors from around the world—sharing rich, transformative travel experiences that showcase a modern, authentic culture.

Learn more – https://destinationindigenous.ca/


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